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Lymphatic Solutions and Therapy, LLC

A Commitment to Accessibility

Lymphatic Solutions and Therapy, in collaboration with Healing Hands of Lymphatics Clinic, aims to provide lymphedema services to individuals residing in residential and healthcare facilities.  Our objective is to meet the specialized needs of patients with lymphedema via the provision of optimal lymphedema care, services, and education.  Our mission is to make comprehensive lymphedema treatment services available to individuals who are unable to access lymphedema therapy services in their settings.  

Margaret Previlon , MHS, OTR/L, CLT-LANA

Margaret graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Health Science in Rehabilitative Services and a Master of Health Science in Rehabilitation Counseling. After working in the mental health field for over 10 years, she received her Master of Occupational Therapy degree from Nova Southeastern University in 2008. She is a registered/licensed occupational therapist with experience in acute care, skilled nursing, long-term care, and home health.   Margaret became a Certified Lymphedema Therapist in the Vodder method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage & Complete Decongestive Therapy in 2009 through The Academy of Lymphatic Studies. After obtaining her certification, she began working at Healing Hands of Lymphatics Clinic as a full-time lymphedema therapist.  In 2010, she obtained her LANA certification through the Lymphology Association of North America.  She is a certified custom compression garment fitter for Jobst (Elvarex), and completes fittings for Juzo, Mediven, LymphaDIVAs, Reid Sleeve, and Farrow Wrap products.

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